Aker Biomarine Positions Itself for Growth and Expansion by Implementing Training

Aker Biomarine Positions Itself for Growth and Expansion by Implementing Training

Aker Biomarine is the world’s leading supplier of krill, the superior source of omega-3 from the pristine waters of Antarctica.  They are a biotech innovator and Antarctic krill-harvesting company, dedicated to improving human and planetary health.  Their core business consists of harvesting, production, sales and marketing of krill-based products.

the situation

Aker BioMarine was experiencing an excessive amount of employee time lost due to retraining and rework that was caused by an inconsistent process between shifts.

Lack of a standardized training method and needed revisions of their Standard Operating Procedures were impacting quality, employee engagement and the time lost due to rework and retraining.

the solution

Training within Industry (TWI), Job Instruction (JI) was provided to Aker Bimarine’s front line managers, team leads and co-workers that direct the work of others, in order to standardize the method of training employees.


Aker Biomarine strengthened their knowledge of TWI-JI through additional workshops that were focused on enhancing their job breakdowns by cascading larger more complicated jobs that are typical within manufacturing plants.


Aker Biomarine is now prepared to implement TWI-JI throughout the plant because all their supervisors and team leads are committed to utilizing the standardized method of job instruction, they have mastered job breakdowns and they will ensure standard operating procedures are aligned with the job instruction.

the results

Implementation of TWI-JI throughout the plant has decreased rework and eliminated the amount of time spent retraining workers from >30% down to zero throughtout the plant.

Product quality has increased significantly

Production has tripled due to standardized methods of training , enhanced employee engagement and culture change.

Aker has decided to expand the Houston plant with a multi-million dollar investment as a result of the record level production.

Development of an in-house training program led by Aker Biomarine’s certified TWI-JI trainer.

TWI-JI positions Aker Biomarine for growth and expansion of the facility and personnel. It will be a key strategy during the company's process of rewriting standard operating procedures. TWI-JI serves as a catalyst for employee engagement. It has created significant business value for Aker Biomarine.

Testimonial Charles Kujawa
Charles Kujawa
Plant Manager

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