Cybersecurity for Your Company

Manufacturing operations are increasingly integrating systems and technologies across all aspects of their operations to monitor, measure, and manipulate production, leaving them exposed and vulnerable to cyber attack or exposure. TMAC TEEX has been a participant of education and protection against cyber risks for many years and seeks to help companies like yours find security in awareness and action.

Cybersecurity for Manufacturing Executives

As manufacturing becomes more advanced with integrated systems and technology that continually monitors and manipulates various aspects of production, the industry’s dependence on cyber will only intensify in the future. Cyber space is woven into every aspect of business, and companies must ensure that they have properly considered the impact and ramifications of an intentional or accidental cyber event for not only themselves, but also their supply chain.

The Cybersecurity for Manufacturing Executives classroom-based course provides awareness level training specifically to the manufacturing sector. The course will provide information on the cybersecurity threats endangering manufacturing businesses, particularly through the various Industrial Control Systems (ICS) in place throughout the industry. The course will provide guidance outlining the protective measures needed to reduce the vulnerability of these control systems and other business operations to malicious attacks and threats.

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CISSP Certification Prep Course

5-days of in-class training and exercises that will prepare you for the CISSP certification exam.

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Certified Ethical Hacker Course

5-days of in-class training educates participants on common vulnerabilities in network infrastructures that hackers use to gain access to sensitive data and critical systems. Participants will simulate the hacks and learn methods for implementing and shoring up protective measures that companies can take to deter cyber invasion.

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