Innovation & Product Development

Explore new market opportunities, leverage favorable environmental conditions, carve your niche in the market, penetrate new territories, expand your product portfolio. Capitalize on an opportunity to do more for your customers and to do better business.

Innovation Engineering

Innovation doesn’t have to be a wasteful or careless exercise. Innovation Engineering puts into practice more efficient and successful pathways forward for your company.

Business Translation Workshop

The workshop will be comprised of an evaluation and selection of business ideas. Your team will bring 1-6 existing ideas that you wish to refine, revise, and accelerate. The workshop will guide your team to thinking smarter and deeper. At the end of the workshop, the ideas will have been refined and balanced based on customer promise, product or service specifications, and the bottom-line profit formula. At the conclusion of the workshop, your team will choose one or more ideas to pursue using sales forecasting.


Eureka Winning Ways Boot Camp

This comprehensive workshop is specifically geared to generate ideas for new products or services in order to produce top line growth for your organization.The 10 hour session consists of 8 cycles of rapid learning. Participants should include employees from all levels of the organization in order to provide comprehensive points of view. The workshop can be shared by 2 organizations which brings in external considerations.


Product Development

TMAC TEEX’s product development services take your idea from concept to market.

Using the strength of Texas A&M University’s vast network and a hyper powered team dedicated to bringing your product to mass market, we can guide you through your entire product development experience and execute production for a product of high quality and real value.

TEEX Product Development Center helps you think. build. sell.

THINK. Validate your ideas, assess the market, and develop your business plan.
BUILD. Design and prototype your concept, then test your product.
SELL. Make your product, market to your audience, and deliver a thoroughly TEEX-Tested product to consumer.