Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is the combination of two of the most powerful improvement strategies into one extensive, robust performance enhancement training program. The content, software, and integrated instructional approach make Lean Six Sigma the ultimate improvement program solution.

Your participation in the TMAC Lean Six Sigma program exposes you to and equips you with all the critical pieces for success.

An integrated methodology and toolset, experienced and knowledgeable instructors, and a powerful e-learning program.

Experience transformation in an engaging, energetic learning environment.

Lean & Six Sigma tools are interwoven into the DMAIC framework and packaged in an experiential format featuring team exercises, hands-on application, and intensive case studies of real world problems.

Learn from the Lean Six Sigma masters.

Lean Six Sigma is dynamic. Its application isn’t designed to fit the same implementation process for everyone. So, TMAC’s training approach follows suit.

All Lean Six Sigma courses are delivered by multiple experienced Lean Six Sigma experts. Participants experience the diversity of Lean Six Sigma’s applicability.


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Lean Certification & Training

Lean Six Sigma for Green Belt
Lean Six Sigma for Black Belt
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