Phoenix Plastics L.P. Gains ISO 9001-2015 Registration in Four Months

Phoenix Plastics L.P. Gains ISO 9001-2015 Registration in Four Months

Phoenix Plastics L.P. is an eleven person operation located in Conroe, Texas. The company develops and manufactures engineered grade additives for the plastics industry. Founded in 1996, the company has grown to serve blown or cast film producers, blow molding, injection molding, and rotational molding operations as well as compounders and profile extrusion manufacturers. Phoenix Plastics produces purge additives and compounds, chemical foaming agents, vapor corrosion inhibitors, Oxo-degradable additives, stabilizers, UV additives, ethylene scavengers, essential oils, antimicrobials and anti-fungals.

the situation

In late 2016, Phoenix Plastics L.P. management decided to pursue ISO 9001 registration. The ISO/TS 16949 had become obsolete and was replaced by IATF 16949. Both of these automotive standards, however, required that organizations registered to the automotive standard perform supplier quality management system development, and that conformity with ISO 9001 is a first step towards achieving that goal.

This information convinced management at Phoenix Plastics that ISO 9001 registration would benefit them since they had customers within the automotive supply chain and knew that their quality management system would be scrutinized by customers in the future. In order to avoid any issues arising for future orders, ISO 9001 registration became a priority.

the solution

The company contacted TMAC TEEX to inquire on any available learning or training programs. Initially, they attended a day long ISO 9001-2015 transition course and management decided to hire TMAC TEEX to implement the program.

Phoenix Plastics, L.P. began its journey under the guidance of TMAC TEEX in January, 2017. TMAC TEEX engineers would go to the company on a weekly basis and assist Phoenix Plastics with deployment of the system.

By May, 2017, they received their registration certification in four short months. Typically, organizations take a year or more to get their ISO 9001 conforming quality management system ready for registration, but with guidance from TMAC TEEX and their own tenacity and discipline, Phoenix Plastics was able to gain its ISO 9001-2015 registration with no findings during their registration audit.

As a consequence of their registration, previous sales from automotive suppliers were retained, and new business was gained. This growth also accounted for no less than 2 jobs being saved.

the results

Gained ISO 9001-2015 registration certification in four months.

$150,000 in sales from new and current contracts.

15% of current workforce retained due to ISO certification.

...we're barefoot going into this implementation and we needed some assistance. We decided to hire TMAC for the job.

Testimonial Steven Prindle
Steven Prindle
Managing Director

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