Transitioning into ISO 9001: 2015

Transitioning into ISO 9001: 2015

On September 15, 2015, the newest revision of ISO 9001 was released. I’m sure you’ve heard that less documentation is required and risk analysis has replaced the requirement for preventive action. All true, but neither are drivers for making the transition anytime soon.

The reason to make the transition may have more relevance if you take your next complete system certification into consideration. Every organization registered to this standard must receive surveillance audits to maintain certification. Every three years, however, a certified organization must undergo a complete system audit in order to maintain registration. The best time to make the transition is during this “re-registration” audit. If the transition is not made at that time, you’ll find yourself paying for a second complete system audit twice in the three years you have to make the transition.

Do yourself a favor, don’t wait for September 15, 2018 – the deadline – to make the transition. You could find yourself left out from a lack of Lead Assessor availability thus losing your registration.


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